He Started From The Bottom…

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…Now he’s winning Grammy’s. Toronto’s own, Drake, just won himself ‘Rap Album of The Year’ for Take Care. And in perfect timing he released the video for ‘Started From The Bottom’. And let me tell you it is WELL done. *round of applause to Drake, his team and Director X* And shoutout to TORONTO. 


FULL Omarion Interview

On Saturday I posted my Much Music Audition tape which included bits from my Omarion interview. Considering today is Omarion’s birthday I have uploaded the full thing.

Check it out:

Just Because I’m Not In Toronto Doesn’t Mean I’m Sleeping!

People think that I’m missing out being in DC. But guess what, I’m not. Much Music is holding a casting call RIGHT NOW. When I first found out I contemplated going home for the audition but it didn’t make sense. I was upset but there was nothing I could do until TWO DAYS AGO when I found out that you can submit an online audition tape. So I got to work and in less than 48 hours I set this up..

Check it out:

I will be posting the FULL interview later on!

Buh-Bye Mike Brown!

Just when you thought that the Lakers had as much chance as the Toronto Raptors (they did have the same record a game ago) they go and fire Mike Brown.

If you are a Lakers fan like myself then you can finally take that sigh of relief. Yesterday, we got rid of head coach Mike Brown for straight up not winning enough games. I mean when you are the head coach of an amazing franchise with amazing players you are expected to WIN games – not have a record of 11-1 (including preseason). But the funny thing is the second he gets fired the team wins 101-77. Like Kobe said “we were just playing as if we were scrimmaging”

My question to Mike Brown is “Did you really think that running the Princeton with grown ass men in the NBA not college would work?”. We all know that the Triangle offense works so why change it? To be honest after Kobe gave that “look of death” stare, I would have just quit. It’s time to finally call in the big boy, the BAWSE man, Phil Jackson. I’ve said it since the last game he coached, he needs to be back ASAP!

*stands outside of the Staples Center with sign singing* We Want Phil! We Want Phil!

New Place, Kings Dominion, Hurricane Sandy ..What a week!

The past week was nothing less than crazy! I did everything from moving to going on a road trip to Kings Dominion for Halloween and then I experienced my FIRST hurricane!

If you are close to me then you know I was living with some weird folks that I couldn’t take anymore. So I up and left and couldn’t be happier. I love my closest, it looks so cute although the I’m missing my shoes that I left in Toronto. (My first experience with a walk-in closest).

On Friday a few friends and I hit the road to Dowsell, VA for Kings Dominion’s Halloween Haunt! I soon came to learn that it is like Wonderland and its haunted hunt whatever thing. They had some similar rides but there were definitely some differences like the Eiffel Tower ride and the Intimidator (which was DOPE!). We waited extra long to sit in the front and it was well worth it. That thing almost had me in tears – good tears. And I finished the night off with….. FUNNEL CAKE! I wouldn’t go there expecting to get scared though. The haunted houses were pretty lame – Urban Warehouse 4.1 was DEFINITELY better.

And to finish off the weekend/start the next one, Hurricane Sandy came through to make a BIG mess. I was hype for my first hurricane and I definitely survived. I got the day off because every station was tuned into news *yawn*. Soooo I ventured outside to take pictures like a fool. The neighbours house got cranked! The siding started tearing off and the Sandy didn’t even hit yet! As the day went on the winds got higher and the rain got harder. It rained sooooooo much that my place got flooded! Sandy definitely didn’t play and especially not in NYC! Thankfully the damage wasn’t that bad here. I would like to say good luck to all those trying to recover from the damages.

*thinks to myself* MY CAR MADE IT OUT A LIVE!!!






One word… OVERRATED !

Honestly, Howard Homecoming was not what everyone was sicing it to be. I made a predication before the actual weekend had come and said it will be a bunch of “ratchets, groupies and thirsty ass dudes”. I was definitely correct.

My festivities started Thursday night as I worked the Wale party at The Park. To my surprise he performed a few songs and to my surprise the ratio of guys to girls was 10:1. There were SOOOOOO many guys there! Considering Wale is from here you would think it would be different. That night was filled with thirst after thrist.

The next night I got asked to go to the party Park was having for our big homie Drake. I assumed that they only wanted me there because I’m from Toronto. It took awhile before I decided I was going to attend but I ended up there and it was probably a bad decision. It was HECTIC outside. The owner was running back and forth kicking people off the street. Funniest thing I saw was one of the valet guys tell a girl to move off the street. She refused and he said “You saw that bus driver uppercut the *beep* right? Don’t make me do it to you”. Pure ratchetness!

Once I got inside it was even worse than outside! And unlike the night before it was all “Girls, girls, all types of girls” *insert Jay-Z reference*. This night was definitely about the groupies and less about the thirsty dudes. After a lot of pushing and seeing the fake in all these people, I tried to have a decent time. Perhaps it was cool because I got into the Patron, haha. And I was able to see my dear friend Future the Prince. (Side note: He is one of the coolest, kindest people I have ever met! #futuretaughtus lol @ Adj & Brittany)

Then came Saturday. I took myself to the day party at The Deck. It was pretty dope. Cool people, music, alcohol and shisha (or hooka depending on your location). Pusha T was also in the building for a bit. After that was suppose to be the Kevin Hart party at Park BUT I called it quits. I couldn’t take anymore pushing, ratchetness or groupies. I WAS DONE!

I’m happy I didn’t have to travel to experience HU Homecoming because it wasn’t worth it! Maybe I’m too localized already! haha Check the pics….



Month One: Check

This was suppose to be posted before the weekend.. y’all still get the point

One month and one week in …and I’m still alive! 

I know I haven’t blogged in a few weeks. I’ve had a few people question me about it so here you go!

I’ve done so much and met so many more people. And as time goes by I’m feeling more and more at home. Especially now that my mom brought my car here!

A few weeks ago Sean Paul was in the building! Mr. Peter Parker and I had a little contest going on about who has more Caribbean people, Toronto or Boston. Obviously Toronto does! Parker hasn’t experienced it yet (lol) so we’ll let him believe Boston is poppin’ with the yardies. Once Sean Paul found out I was from Toronto, it was a wrap. We all know how much he loves it! He ended up giving me tickets to his concert. It was pretty dope. I felt like I was in the early 2000s trying to learn how to do the Ponytailz dance (haha). My mom got to DC a few days after the concert but I wish she was there to go with me. It was all the music I grew up on because of her.. plus a lot of the people there were older.

The next week Alicia Keys came! If you know me then you know one of the three people I need to meet before I die is A.Keys. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture but I did talk to her! My game plan was to be like “Hey, Alicia. My name is Alicia”. That kind of fell through but it’s all good. She is as dope in person as she seems in pictures, interviews, etc. Now I have to meet Kanye and Kobe then I’ll be good (it’ll happen soon, I have a good feeling).

Also last week, Mr. Peter Parker did a live at location at this haunted warehouse in Rockville. That place was pretty legit. Had some of the promotions team ready to piss their pants (haha). My biggest concern was them touching me with the make-up – I was wearing a new shirt, c’mon now. After that I rushed over to Ibiza for DJ Flexx’s first live broadcast.

Besides station stuff I’ve done some partying, some drunk random monument runs and trying to knock some things off of my “I Have Never” list. I’ve had a little taste of soul food, tried mumbo sauce.. I can’t remember what else was on the list. I think I should start writing things down! Anyways, all and all it’s been good. And I am learning more everyday I’m in the studio.

This weekend is the Howard University Homecoming and apparently it’s a big thing! We’ll see because I have a lot of parties that I have to go to this weekend. Ill make sure I blog about my “first HU Homecoming” experience next week.

Safe weekend y’all

– Alicia xo

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Looking all high and stuff here’s The Weeknd’s new video:

The Weeknd – Wicked Games

And then these home girls be looking allllllll sexy and stuff:

Nicki Minaj & Cassie – The Boys

And finally featuring TWO of our own homegrown talents Drake and Director X behind the lens alongside Rick Ross and Wale:

Rick Ross ft Wale and Drake – Diced Pineapples

New Music Alert!

Everything from new songs to new videos…

New Videos

Chris Brown – Don’t Judge Me

Azealia Banks – Luxury

New Music

Rihanna – Diamonds

Fabolous – So NY
What do you think of the new videos/songs? Any faves?

Moving Onto Week 2 #DCLIFE


I am half way through my second week and I am TIRED! It’s been a busy week already. I started it off working an event called ‘Mirror Mirror’ awards that honor the beauty-makers in the DC area. I was able to see some of the great personalities the city has from singers, stylists, CEOs and radio personalities. That event had me running around right before helping to set everything up but once it started, everything was good. Great food as well! I tried crab cakes for the first time (I know, I know).

On Tuesday I headed out to Virginia for a WPGC live location event. We were out registering people to vote. Although we wanted to sign up more people, it was great to see so many people already registered. We had 7 events throughout the DMV yesterday signing people up and all together we got 500 people registered! After being outside all day and traveling from DC to VA back to MD, I was exhausted and am still feeling it now. But the week is far from over! Much more to do for the rest of the week..

– ACE xo