This was suppose to be posted before the weekend.. y’all still get the point

One month and one week in …and I’m still alive! 

I know I haven’t blogged in a few weeks. I’ve had a few people question me about it so here you go!

I’ve done so much and met so many more people. And as time goes by I’m feeling more and more at home. Especially now that my mom brought my car here!

A few weeks ago Sean Paul was in the building! Mr. Peter Parker and I had a little contest going on about who has more Caribbean people, Toronto or Boston. Obviously Toronto does! Parker hasn’t experienced it yet (lol) so we’ll let him believe Boston is poppin’ with the yardies. Once Sean Paul found out I was from Toronto, it was a wrap. We all know how much he loves it! He ended up giving me tickets to his concert. It was pretty dope. I felt like I was in the early 2000s trying to learn how to do the Ponytailz dance (haha). My mom got to DC a few days after the concert but I wish she was there to go with me. It was all the music I grew up on because of her.. plus a lot of the people there were older.

The next week Alicia Keys came! If you know me then you know one of the three people I need to meet before I die is A.Keys. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture but I did talk to her! My game plan was to be like “Hey, Alicia. My name is Alicia”. That kind of fell through but it’s all good. She is as dope in person as she seems in pictures, interviews, etc. Now I have to meet Kanye and Kobe then I’ll be good (it’ll happen soon, I have a good feeling).

Also last week, Mr. Peter Parker did a live at location at this haunted warehouse in Rockville. That place was pretty legit. Had some of the promotions team ready to piss their pants (haha). My biggest concern was them touching me with the make-up – I was wearing a new shirt, c’mon now. After that I rushed over to Ibiza for DJ Flexx’s first live broadcast.

Besides station stuff I’ve done some partying, some drunk random monument runs and trying to knock some things off of my “I Have Never” list. I’ve had a little taste of soul food, tried mumbo sauce.. I can’t remember what else was on the list. I think I should start writing things down! Anyways, all and all it’s been good. And I am learning more everyday I’m in the studio.

This weekend is the Howard University Homecoming and apparently it’s a big thing! We’ll see because I have a lot of parties that I have to go to this weekend. Ill make sure I blog about my “first HU Homecoming” experience next week.

Safe weekend y’all

– Alicia xo

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