One word… OVERRATED !

Honestly, Howard Homecoming was not what everyone was sicing it to be. I made a predication before the actual weekend had come and said it will be a bunch of “ratchets, groupies and thirsty ass dudes”. I was definitely correct.

My festivities started Thursday night as I worked the Wale party at The Park. To my surprise he performed a few songs and to my surprise the ratio of guys to girls was 10:1. There were SOOOOOO many guys there! Considering Wale is from here you would think it would be different. That night was filled with thirst after thrist.

The next night I got asked to go to the party Park was having for our big homie Drake. I assumed that they only wanted me there because I’m from Toronto. It took awhile before I decided I was going to attend but I ended up there and it was probably a bad decision. It was HECTIC outside. The owner was running back and forth kicking people off the street. Funniest thing I saw was one of the valet guys tell a girl to move off the street. She refused and he said “You saw that bus driver uppercut the *beep* right? Don’t make me do it to you”. Pure ratchetness!

Once I got inside it was even worse than outside! And unlike the night before it was all “Girls, girls, all types of girls” *insert Jay-Z reference*. This night was definitely about the groupies and less about the thirsty dudes. After a lot of pushing and seeing the fake in all these people, I tried to have a decent time. Perhaps it was cool because I got into the Patron, haha. And I was able to see my dear friend Future the Prince. (Side note: He is one of the coolest, kindest people I have ever met! #futuretaughtus lol @ Adj & Brittany)

Then came Saturday. I took myself to the day party at The Deck. It was pretty dope. Cool people, music, alcohol and shisha (or hooka depending on your location). Pusha T was also in the building for a bit. After that was suppose to be the Kevin Hart party at Park BUT I called it quits. I couldn’t take anymore pushing, ratchetness or groupies. I WAS DONE!

I’m happy I didn’t have to travel to experience HU Homecoming because it wasn’t worth it! Maybe I’m too localized already! haha Check the pics….




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