Just when you thought that the Lakers had as much chance as the Toronto Raptors (they did have the same record a game ago) they go and fire Mike Brown.

If you are a Lakers fan like myself then you can finally take that sigh of relief. Yesterday, we got rid of head coach Mike Brown for straight up not winning enough games. I mean when you are the head coach of an amazing franchise with amazing players you are expected to WIN games – not have a record of 11-1 (including preseason). But the funny thing is the second he gets fired the team wins 101-77. Like Kobe said “we were just playing as if we were scrimmaging”

My question to Mike Brown is “Did you really think that running the Princeton with grown ass men in the NBA not college would work?”. We all know that the Triangle offense works so why change it? To be honest after Kobe gave that “look of death” stare, I would have just quit. It’s time to finally call in the big boy, the BAWSE man, Phil Jackson. I’ve said it since the last game he coached, he needs to be back ASAP!

*stands outside of the Staples Center with sign singing* We Want Phil! We Want Phil!


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