The past week was nothing less than crazy! I did everything from moving to going on a road trip to Kings Dominion for Halloween and then I experienced my FIRST hurricane!

If you are close to me then you know I was living with some weird folks that I couldn’t take anymore. So I up and left and couldn’t be happier. I love my closest, it looks so cute although the I’m missing my shoes that I left in Toronto. (My first experience with a walk-in closest).

On Friday a few friends and I hit the road to Dowsell, VA for Kings Dominion’s Halloween Haunt! I soon came to learn that it is like Wonderland and its haunted hunt whatever thing. They had some similar rides but there were definitely some differences like the Eiffel Tower ride and the Intimidator (which was DOPE!). We waited extra long to sit in the front and it was well worth it. That thing almost had me in tears – good tears. And I finished the night off with….. FUNNEL CAKE! I wouldn’t go there expecting to get scared though. The haunted houses were pretty lame – Urban Warehouse 4.1 was DEFINITELY better.

And to finish off the weekend/start the next one, Hurricane Sandy came through to make a BIG mess. I was hype for my first hurricane and I definitely survived. I got the day off because every station was tuned into news *yawn*. Soooo I ventured outside to take pictures like a fool. The neighbours house got cranked! The siding started tearing off and the Sandy didn’t even hit yet! As the day went on the winds got higher and the rain got harder. It rained sooooooo much that my place got flooded! Sandy definitely didn’t play and especially not in NYC! Thankfully the damage wasn’t that bad here. I would like to say good luck to all those trying to recover from the damages.

*thinks to myself* MY CAR MADE IT OUT A LIVE!!!






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